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      Wanxin optics
      Wanxin optical was founded in 1973. It is one of the oldest glasses manufacturing enterprises in China.As one of the domestic enterprises who firstly produce and sale resin lens, WX obtained the very first "Glasses production license" of China, and constantly created new sales records. Over theses 40 years, Wanxin continues to play its own advantages in the field, and has always stood at the front of the industry, and lead the industry to a direction of more high-end, more core and more professional.
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      To "provide consumers with a full range of visual solutions" as the purpose, products as the core competitiveness, innovation as the driving force, to meet the promotion of national eye health to make
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      Committed to "changing the world's vision", through promoting the joint efforts of industry people, every user can wear high-quality glasses and enjoy a better visual life
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      Telephone:+86 511 86805111
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